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Alexandra Teodorescu – Thomas MAPsy

Transpersonal & Holistic Psychologist, Author

High-Potential (gifted child), HPS (Hypersensitive Person as per Dr Aaron research) & Indigo child/adult.

My interventions target what I call the 4 sacred: the Body, the Heart, the Mind & the Spirit.

I work holistically, intensely and intuitively with the aim to increase levels of self-awareness & receive maximum empowerment

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Work experience

10+ years international experience

Linkedin : https://ch.linkedin.com/in/alexandra-teodorescu-thomas-710830123

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Research & Publications


Teodorescu, A (2014). “Freedom Paths. Unlock the doors to true-self, emotional healing, lasting relationships, and universal love“. Self-help book published as an eBook and as a paperback on www.lulu.com

Teodorescu, A. (2009). “Help-seeking behaviours in Italian Immigrants aged 50 to 70”. Curtin University of Technology, WA (Masters Thesis)

Teodorescu, A. (2006). “Gender differences in the development of spatial cognition in  children aged 7 to 12 and the effects of the video games practice on mental rotation performance”. Fribourg: Editions Universitaires Fribourg Suisse (Postgraduate Thesis)

Teodorescu, A. (2005).The influence of the culture on the cognitive development; a cross-cultural approach”. Fribourg: Editions Universitaires Fribourg Switzerland (BA thesis)

Teodorescu, A. (1999). “AIDS and its psychological effects on affected patients“. Fribourg, Collège du Sud (Social-Work School (ECDD)- Thesis)-Switzerland


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