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Alexandra (Thomas) Teodorescu

Transpersonal Psychologist, Human Relations Consultant, Animal Communicator, Holisitc Counsellor, Energetic Healer


Masters of Counselling Psychology (Curtin University, Western Australia)- Switzerland accredited Degree (FSP & CoPsy)

Bachelor of Science, major Psychology (Honors Degree): Université de Fribourg, Switzerland

-Animal Communicator (Workshops Anna Breytenbach)

-Published Author

-Certified Reiki Practitioner (Animals & Humans)

Certified TRE Practitioner (Trauma Release Exercises) by Dr Berceli (www.traumaprevention.com)


Holistic psychology


My interventions target what I call the 4 sacred: the Body, the Heart, the Mind and the Spirit.

I work holistically, energetically and intuitively. Each intervention involves and engages “the 4 sacred” with an aim to reach internal coherence, harmony with self and all that is, and self-awareness.

I apply mindful cognitive behavioral therapy (MCBT), body-orientated interventions, core-beliefs assessments and alternative therapeutic treatments based on the clinical presentation, energetic fields and client’s specific needs.

Please see page ‘Services‘ for more information on training and theoretical orientations.


Re Animal Communication: I use here and now, conscious & telepathic communication.

Training with Anna Breytenbach (Animal Spirit- South Africa).

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2007-2009                  Master of Psychology in Counselling Psychology , Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia

2003-2006                 Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BA, Honours), University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Work experience

10+ years counselling experience. Employment in different sectors of the psychology field accorss Switzerland, Europe and Australia.

See Linked in Profile: https://ch.linkedin.com/in/alexandra-teodorescu-thomas-710830123

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Research & Publications


Teodorescu, A (2014). “Freedom Paths. Unlock the doors to true-self, emotional healing, lasting relationships, and universal love“. Self-help book published as an eBook and as a paperback on www.lulu.com

Teodorescu, A. (2009). “Help-seeking behaviours in Italian Immigrants aged 50 to 70”. Curtin University of Technology, WA (Masters Thesis)

Teodorescu, A. (2006). “Gender differences in the development of spatial cognition in  children aged 7 to 12 and the effects of the video games practice on mental rotation performance”. Fribourg: Editions Universitaires Fribourg Suisse (Postgraduate Thesis)

Teodorescu, A. (2005).The influence of the culture on the cognitive development; a cross-cultural approach”. Fribourg: Editions Universitaires Fribourg Switzerland (BA thesis)

Teodorescu, A. (1999). “AIDS and its psychological effects on affected patients“. Fribourg, Collège du Sud (Social-Work School (ECDD)- Thesis)-Switzerland


Perfect Fluency in the following languages (written & spoken):






ABOUT (more detail)

excerpt from my book ‘FREEDOM PATHS

“So how does a psychologist get to write on Universal Love?” you may wonder.

“Let me tell you briefly about my background. I was born in Romania during the communist years of Ceausescu and lived through what was then the strictest communist regime in the Eastern European block: poverty, violence, censure, and political repression prevailed on a daily basis. I witnessed the tragedy of the civil war in 1989 that dethroned the communists, and killed thousands of civilians. Two years later, I migrated with my mother and stepfather to Switzerland. Prior to this, as a child, I was directly faced with the profound misery and despair of my fellow citizens through public suicide acts, tragic and murderous fights for the limited food in the long queues at the shops, and the fear of living and speaking freely in a highly monitored political context of oppression.

I have always been concerned with philosophy and the meaning of life. After a long series of grief and loss in my life and trials and tribulations to overcome numerous youth and subsequent migrant challenges (including being the child of a single-parent migrant), I learnt resilience along the way and felt inspired to help others too.

I took a very unconventional path to gaining access to higher education despite the restrictions of a condemning social status and the cultural, financial, and linguistic barriers that present in a foreign country. I majored in psychology (Postgraduate Diploma in Switzerland, Master’s in Counselling Psychology in Australia) and during my studies, my will to assist others surmount their struggles exacerbated to a culminant point. I sensed I had a lot to offer through my knowledge, my background, my acquired skills, and my unique personal path that built within me a strong sense of empathy and compassion for others.

I was convinced for many years that psychology tools were the ultimate key solutions to healing human beings; however, after years of busy, intense, and dedicated practice, I realized something was missing. Though, to me, psychotherapy treatments undeniably contributed to generate positive change in patients, often these changes did not seem sustainable in the long term. I became aware that an effective treatment must include what I call “the four sacred” – the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual dimensions – in order to reach internal coherence, a sense of wholeness, and deep emotional healing.

Through my own personal development and avid curiosity for other disciplines and alternative treatments, I understood the importance of holistic therapies. I have also come to realize that trauma is stored in the body not in the mind, therefore all healing work must start at this level. In addition to actively embracing Hatha Yoga and Buddhism, I became a vegan after ten years of vegetarianism. I prefer to be called a “sacred animal activist” which means one who cultivates compassion, so that actions stem from love not from negative sentiments. I use means such as art, education, and lifestyle role-modeling to raise awareness on issues related to ethics, animal consumption, and environmental destruction. (Some of my art is featured in this book.)

As an end note, I would like to tell you the following: there is nothing more valuable than drawing from one’s own specific experiences. It was therefore important for me to talk to you only about something that I did experience personally and professionally, first-hand. From the bottom of my heart, I hope this book will serve you as a guide to find and experience your own Truth. I hope it will open your mind wide enough to welcome this truth and to explore beyond received pre-conceptions, self-imposed restrictions, cultural limitations, inherited beliefs, and self- and others’ perceptions in your desire for growth, healing, and cultivating loving relationships.”


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