31st May 2016
readong oracle cards

Preuve Scientifique que l’intention & l’esprit influence la matière


13th Mar 2016
psychic children indigo

Psychic Children: the Preys of Dark Forces

As a child, I had many paranormal experiences. I repressed many because some really weren’t fun at all. Some were light and harmless. I remember I was sleeping in my...

The Myth of the Guru or the ‘Gifted’ Psychic

Are you looking up to ‘psychics’ and think: “they have a gift… They are special people…I can’t see or feel things as they do…they seem to have special powers. They...

13th Mar 2016
Psychic skills Give a reading

10 Reasons Why You Gave a Bad (Psychic or Animal Communication) Reading

Two months ago, I set myself the following goal: to train in and succeed at geo-localization of lost pets. So far, I had only been doing “basic” animal communication by...

What You Must Know Before Doing Any Psychic Work

Doing psychic work is not something that belongs only to certain ‘privileged’ people. this is a misconception and a over-idealization of the so called ‘the gifted and powerful’. Successful psychic...

Why There are no Coincidences & How to Trust the Flow of Life

There are no coincidences, there are only synchronicities, stemming from the divine law of unity, interconnectedness and unconscious telepathic communication with all that is.   Firstly, I will discuss the...

Why (many) Reiki practitioners get average results

Getting certified as a reiki practitioner its easy. Very easy in reality. Offers are abundant as the popularity of Reiki has increased tremulously in the last few years. Anyone who...

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