04th Mar 2017

Who Am I?

WHO AM I? The never-ending human preoccupation. The search of a lifetime. exceprt of Book : ‘Freedom Paths’, chapter 1 Do you know who you are? Do you think you...

27th Feb 2016

How Sounds Heal Us – Cymatics, the Science of Sound

Everything is vibration and made up of energy at various frequencies. All things in nature vibrate to sound, light and color and sound frequencies effect everything about us. The Sound...

Why There are no Coincidences & How to Trust the Flow of Life

There are no coincidences, there are only synchronicities, stemming from the divine law of unity, interconnectedness and unconscious telepathic communication with all that is.   Firstly, I will discuss the...

03rd Mar 2014
how to become mentally strong via body empowerment

How to Become Mentally Strong via Body Empowerment

our body is capable of amazing recovery in almost all types of physically and mentally stressful conditions; just give it what it really needs

03rd Mar 2014

When Feeling Overwhelmed: It is not You, it’s Your Ego.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, it’s not you who feels this way, it’s your False-Slef, your Shadow, your Ego, or your Unconscious. Become aware that deep down, you are not your...

02nd Mar 2014

Why self-awareness is vital for personal growth

As a baby you and I were born with what behavioral psychologists call: a tabula rasa. Tabula rasa means blank slate in Latin and refers to the absence of build-in...

21st Feb 2014

How Breaking Down Can Save You

When you are broken, lying there in pieces on your bed(...), you have a rare opportunity.... You can start to see that you have spent all your life feeding an illusion and avoiding this Reality: everything eventually ends and we do not get to decide when. When your reality gets destroyed, truly nothing gets destroyed buy your illusion of self.

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