When Feeling Overwhelmed: It is not You, it’s Your Ego.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, it’s not you who feels this way, it’s your False-Slef, your Shadow, your Ego, or your Unconscious.

Become aware that deep down, you are not your Ego; the Ego is an image of you, created in the early years by personal experiences: the image of an inner wounded child, who scares you off each time you want to move forward, undertake change and live by heart and soul. As long as you are attached to your Ego, and feed the fear (it main source of energy), you will never be set free and never be able to unveil the omnipotence of the real You.

Paradoxically, the Ego is a ‘tiny’ monster. He is the Wizard of the Oz with incredible inferiority complexes who hides behind curtains, scares the heck out of you and distances you from others around you so It can stay in control. This in order to better control you and avoid you (imaginary) threats. It’s in reality a parasite who grew up inside of you, feeding off your oxygen, devouring your life, your dreams, your potentials and your loving nature.  It eats up your adulthood and sabotages everything your heart is ever aspiring for.

It’s time to break up with your Ego.


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