FREEDOM PATHS- Unlock the Doors to True Self, Emotional Healing, Lasting Relationships, & Universal Love


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“The guide of the Soul that will set you free. The most essential teachings on what truly matters in life are covered in this book. It contains everything you need to know and integrate about: “You”, “Your Body”, “Your Emotions”, “Love and Relationships”, “Your Deepest Fears”, “Your Kids”, “Your Communication Skills”, “Your Work” & “Attachment”. A very comprehensive self-help book that gives practical tools for growth and experiencing significant results. In today’s ocean of self-help/New-Age books, no book so far had taken the challenge to address major life topics in such a bold, practical and effective way. A. Teodorescu is a psychologist who has thoroughly researched, experienced and synthesized valuable information on the most challenging aspects of our lives. She included her own personal experiences, major discoveries and knowledge in an deep and articulated talk that has the powerful potential for drastic change and insight.

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