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Transpersonal Psychology

What is it?

Without any religious affiliation, Transpersonal Psychology is a sub-field of psychology that integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology.


It is concerned with deeper states of consciousnesses that transcend the notion of Person / False Self / Ego / and awaken toTrue Self.

  Founded in the early works of Carl Jung, William James, and Abraham Maslow, its goal is to enhance the link  of mind-body relations, consciousness, and spirituality and study the human growth & spiritual development from a perspective that delves profound levels of consciousness.

Transpersonal Psychology vs. Parapsychology

Although transpersonal psychology is often confused with the related field of parapsychology, it is important to understand that there are some differences between the two perspectives. While both of the branches study human experience beyond the physical world to the spiritual, parapsychology is based solely on the scholarly study of unusual psychic phenomena, including ESP, psychokinesis, reincarnation, and apparitions. On the other hand, transpersonal psychology is simply focused on the spiritual side of human nature for reaching self-actualization and self-fulfillment in life. Therefore, transpersonal psychology often involves the use of meditation, dream work, vision questions, hypnosis, and other altered states of consciousness to achieve a heightened sense of reality.

Holistic Psychology

Holistic Psychology is a multidimensional framework rising beyond traditional psychology by incorporating all aspects of the human experience: physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual.  

11th Feb 2016
mainsteam education fail and control children

9 Reasons Why Mainstream Schools are Failing our Children

Our children are experiencing great difficulties with mainstream education in western countries, and we can confidently say that our society’s current problems reflect greatly the constant failings of our education...

Why (many) Reiki practitioners get average results

Getting certified as a reiki practitioner its easy. Very easy in reality. Offers are abundant as the popularity of Reiki has increased tremulously in the last few years. Anyone who...

14th Mar 2015

How I broke up with my Ego- excerpt Book

Excerpt from Chapter ‘How I broke up with my Ego’ Book- ‘Freedom Paths- Unlock the doors to True Self, Emotional Healing, Lasting Relationships and Universal Love, Alex Teodorescu “I don’t...

03rd Mar 2014
how to become mentally strong via body empowerment

How to Become Mentally Strong via Body Empowerment

our body is capable of amazing recovery in almost all types of physically and mentally stressful conditions; just give it what it really needs

03rd Mar 2014

When Feeling Overwhelmed: It is not You, it’s Your Ego.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, it’s not you who feels this way, it’s your False-Slef, your Shadow, your Ego, or your Unconscious. Become aware that deep down, you are not your...

02nd Mar 2014

Why self-awareness is vital for personal growth

As a baby you and I were born with what behavioral psychologists call: a tabula rasa. Tabula rasa means blank slate in Latin and refers to the absence of build-in...

21st Feb 2014

How Breaking Down Can Save You

When you are broken, lying there in pieces on your bed(...), you have a rare opportunity.... You can start to see that you have spent all your life feeding an illusion and avoiding this Reality: everything eventually ends and we do not get to decide when. When your reality gets destroyed, truly nothing gets destroyed buy your illusion of self.

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