Psychic Children: the Preys of Dark Forces

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As a child, I had many paranormal experiences. I repressed many because some really weren’t fun at all.

Some were light and harmless. I remember I was sleeping in my grandfather’s bed one night, I was only 10. He had passed away a few months before. My grandmother liked to switch off all the lights in the house at night, because is ‘energy saving” so it was always very dark. I have always been edgy in their house. But the night I slept over, I saw the face of my grand-father, hanging above the door and floating around peacefully and undisturbingly. I forced myself to sleep but his presence was too distracting.

Another times petrifying. One night, I got terrorized by a presence in my room that woke me up in the middle of the night and made me scream my guts out. Energetically, it was a bad influence; I felt it was clearly threatening to me. I saw it moving from outside, across the closed window, as a dark shadow, shapeless and faceless feeling its harmful intention.

My screams eventually made it go but this must be one of the freakiest experiences of my life. More because of the energy intensity felt at that moment than the actual visuals and context.

Another time, I was (again) asleep in my room, in a very old building (built in the 1600-s). I woke up feeling that someone was watching me in the room. Most of the times, I’m a light sleeper and I can open my eyes quite rapidly if there a noise or something. This time, it was a white floating shape suspended in the air at the end of my bed. I looked at it and it started moving closer. A female face appeared. She almost looked like wearing a wedding dress. I knew instantly she was a harmless presence. She was very soft and well-meaning. Her company was truly pleasant. I didn’t engage her in a talk, back then I had no idea you can talk to them, all I knew is listening to my radar and assess their ‘intentions’. I wouldn’t have known what to tell her anyway. I let her hang around and we lived together with no problem ever since.

20 years later, I find out from well experienced mediums and psychics that it is not unusual for ‘darkness’ to prey on psychic kids (or those with more perceptive/sensitive/open-channels children). I heard many practicing psychics reporting similar experiences, particularly the ‘scary ones’.

No wonder many kids shut down their channels and stop feeling things. Some even stop feeling anything at all, and become numb social zombies disconnected from others and all that is.

It’s hard to talk about these things to anyone. If you are raised in a family where these things are considered ‘paranormal’, ‘freaking’ or ‘weirdo-like’ it’s even harder.

So while growing older, I learned to manage the ‘darkness’ alone.

I didn’t shut down nor become a zombie, but I started to challenge it. “it- whatever IT was that”. When realizing that *it won’t leave me alone -I was on the lookout open eyes most nights- its tiring, you can only take that much after a while and you bloody want to sleep- I stood up to it. So one time, as soon as I sensed the slightest intention / moving presence in the room, I was ready to confront it*. I was no longer a kid and I was fed up with the ‘abuse’ after all. I intuitively knew that I was guarded and safe and that darkness means weakness. It means a frustrated bully who preys on fragile beings and this idea makes anyone angry and brave, especially me who has a great sense of justice strongly built-in.

I knew the light of God and I knew her power is infinitely greater than any little shit that fuels on fear.

“SO BACK OFF!” I screamed out one night, in full confidence, shining the power of God and her Light (my own light) and Gone it was.

Dark energies fuel on fear. They fuel on your own energy and apprehensions.

***If you cut out the fear, you cut out their oxygen***

That’s how I finished with it*- for good.

Note_ small tip: burning sage is a great energy cleaner and protector, also keeping a light/candle on and having clear quartz crystals work great too.

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