The Myth of the Guru or the ‘Gifted’ Psychic


Are you looking up to ‘psychics’ and think: “they have a gift… They are special people…I can’t see or feel things as they do…they seem to have special powers. They are rare and unique people and shall be respected as such…”

If you are this kind of person who puts them on a pedestal and bow in front of them, like at some sort of God, feeling intimidated and believing they have a “special gift”, then wake up!

You are being misled. And in many cases fooled.

I am increasingly coming across an outrageous number of self-called psychics who make sure they advertise the idea that : “they are born with a gift”.

Oftentimes, you read on their website that ever since they were little, they could hear the bees speak, see spirits in the room, communicate with passed people and read peoples’ emotions and problems in a blink of an eye. And when specifically asked: do you think you have a gift or that it takes a special gift to be able to do what you are doing? Many make it sound like:”yes, of course!”

There are undoubtedly a few who have always been aware of their abilities from a young age and embraced and used them effectively ever since, but many if not most, have developed these skills along their journey and learned to accept and refine them accordingly.

Please allow me to make one thing crystal clear: there is not such thing as ‘unique psychic gifts’.

We are all born with this ability and we are all potential psychics with awareness and training levels that varies in each one of us.

If you are not receptive beyond the ” usual human threshold” of your five senses, meaning for example if you don’t feel sudden energetic changes in a room, an unwanted presence, the voice and thoughts of animals, plants or rocks that surround you, it doesn’t mean you are not able to or never will. You may need more practice. More discipline and focus in your meditation and spiritual development, more training on relaxing your body and silencing the mind.

When I was a child, I experienced ‘paranormal’ events – of which some truly frightening – but soon I shut my channels down, rationalized it all when I grew up, and didn’t open that drawer until later in adulthood. Many of us, as young children, may become frightened by these first “incidents” and shut down their abilities as a result.

This could be either because they become too overwhelming or scary for them, or because of negative social reinforcement that leads them to think there is “something wrong” (or “silly”) with them, or simply because they need to function effectively in the 3 dimensional world, in the day-by-day reality with their related constraints, without much time to stop and engage beyond the practical and/or survival duties.

When caught up in the thinking and the doing mode, the other frequency-sensors in our body become rusty and blocked. It takes work and commitment to unblock them and cleanse the body from years and years of stress, malnutrition and addictive habits that unground us from here and now (compulsive thinking, technology, work-alcoholism, sports, over/under eating, basically all habits we have today- they are of additive nature).

When it comes to deciding whether we are all innate psychics or not, it’s enough studying back our ancestors. All indigenous communities communicate telepathically with other tribes, family members, animals, plants and Nature as a whole. Animal tracking specifically involves animal communication from a distance and there is nothing uncommon in this process.

Our modern (“civilized”) cultures have become degenerated or denatured. It is a fact that no longer needs debating. Denatured foods, life style, technology overuse and exposure, electromagnetic radiations, all these are playing a role. However, the “psychic seed” remained in our genes. And we can all develop it, diminish it or numb it.

So why do so many “psychics”,” mediums” or “animal communicators” encourage the idea of having a special and uncommon gift?

There are several reasons to that:


Money money and more money. Money rules the (their) world. And what marketing argument can you possibly add to your curriculum to increase profits and credibility at the same time? “born with it!” Bang! Wow…special dude…It works- commercial psychology.


Dissuading potential competitors who may become aware of their innate abilities in the process, practice them and realize that established psychics are not more ‘special’ than any trained surgeon out there, protects your market. Why would you want others to know that they can also do what you do, since you charge as a ‘professional’? If psychics are greedy or tight on money, they can fear losing clients and prefer to cultivate the myth of “gift” as much as possible.


Being a psychic demands social respect and imposes instant admiration. The ‘mystical’ side of it, gives one a sense of ‘specialness’ with God-like qualities. The social influence and role of a shaman foe example is well known in South America: s/he is the leader and all decisions depend on and stem from them. There have the highest social status in a community.

Sense of self

“Who am I…?”, “What’s my worth…?” Never ending existential preoccupations in shaky and insecure personalities. Self-called gifted psychics drive their sense of self from their Ego. The Ego is the false sense of self built across the years to maintain a socially suitable image, reinforced by our family, our cultural circle, and the wider community in which we live. The true self, is independent of these factors. It finds value in simplicity and needs no external validators. True self is no one and all that is at the same time. It is not attached to a position, role, label or definition. True Self IS. Free and knowing of all beings God-like qualities.


Ahh reading peoples’ minds…! Ahhh helping police to catch all criminals….! Ahhh connecting people with passed family…..! AHHH saving the world!! What a great mission to have! Yes. Sure. But first we must save ourselves from the Ego.

Power / Superiority

If you are born with something ‘rare’ and are acknowledged for it, you feel consciously or unconsciously superior to others. This sense of special uniqueness grants one status and power; it is very easy to be tempted to accept ownership of ‘uncommon gifts’ in a world increasingly looking for powerful leaders and inspirational figures outside themselves.

In conclusion: be wary of “gifted psychics” claims. If they make you believe they are special with unique gifts or accept you to see them this way, run. Chances are they are not working in your best interests and are only after your money. A true psychic reminds you of your inner power and own capabilities. They encourages you to connect with your 6th sense and listen to your intuition. They will willingly teach you techniques and share with you “how they do it”. Typically, they are not afraid of competition and don’t cultivate a self-centered guru image, arrogance when you approach them or unaffordable prices for a reading.

Become your own psychic.

Blessing, Love & Light

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