What You Must Know Before Doing Any Psychic Work

psychic meditation dangers

Doing psychic work is not something that belongs only to certain ‘privileged’ people. this is a misconception and a over-idealization of the so called ‘the gifted and powerful’. Successful psychic work is in reality accessible to anyone. Some are born with already clear(ed) perception channels, some (most) have shut them down to cope or to avoid stigmatization or family and societal rejection, and others come with too important genetic, congenital and/or biological damages to effectively expand their sensory experiences.

Wheter you are a ‘born psychic’, a beginner or contemplate psychic work there are 3 important things you need to know.

  1. Do not mediate in the evening or at night

First time I meditated for over 20 minutes, it was past midnight. I sat in the middle of my living room and listened fully to a guided meditation CD that my teachers handed out in College for practice. It went for about an hour: it was Guided Mindfulness for emotional ‘management’. I was home alone and it was a rare occasion. The perfect moment to take this quiet time and do something to the fullest. Back then, I knew nothing about spirituality, spirits, higher realms and I had no real interest in such things. I was just practicing for my Psych degree the ‘Mindfulness’ technique.

The CD took me first through a complete body scan, then through instructions directing me to: open up fully to my emotions, to all sensory experiences and just let them BE. Be alert to their presence and be Ok with them. Literally melt into negative emotions as they come, let them emerge. let them ride you. Hang in there and don’t try to change that.

The experience was not very pleasant but a lot of tears came out as I opened up to vulnerability. I thought this would be an effective cleansing and without giving it any second thought, I went to sleep exhausted.

No long after later, while asleep, I suddenly opened my eyes with a strange feeling of ‘presence’. Through my window a shadow was moving in and its energy felt very alarming. So threatening that it had woken me up! I was right up on my bum, immediately screaming my guts out. I was terrified by this presence.

I screamed and screamed and re-screamed and it eventually went away. I could no longer go to sleep that night…

Now, 6 years later, I eventually understand it. It was not the first time I was woken up by a ‘presence’, last time I was a teenager, way too long ago, but now I have the knowledge and understanding I lacked once.

2. Establish protection prior to connect

Before meditating, or doing any psychic / communication work: one must ask and establish protection.

You must at all costs become aware of a safe protection around you, invoke it, create it with anything that you feel positively drawn to. A type of stone, sage, crystals, etc….A CLEAR request for protection is essential. Clear quartz crystals work great, a permanent source of light even better and an intention to connect to your guides or good spirits, is vital.

Meditating means opening up to your senses. It means activating certain perceptive fields in your body that can potentially connect you to other realms, all beyond your 5 human senses. The latter become intensified in this process, while others senses, never used before, become highly proficient.

Meditation cannot be done lightly. I’d like to emphasize this for all those who consider to seriously sink into meditation and know very little about the place where they do it or never measure the energy surrounding them.  

Never start a psychic connection without securing and protecting your own energy first.

Through intention or heart-requests (prayer) start connecting and getting to know your light spirits, guides, angels, ascendant masters and then, only THEN, feel safe to go deeper into unknown realms.

I hadn’t done this that night. I was naively opening up and training my sensory field while being exposed to not so well-intended energies…I went to bed in a high state of receptivity and openness, remaining vulnerable to other presences i had not invoked or asked for. I had left the button switched on…
When you leave your button switched on, chances are that in your theta stage sleep, you start to feel and see way more than you expected…so be prepared beforehand!

3. Theta stage is when you are most perceptive, hence vulnerable

The theta stage is the first stage of sleep characterized by so called theta waves, which are slower in frequency and greater in amplitude than alpha waves (alpha waves occur in period of relaxation, while still awake when our brain waves become slower and increase in amplitude- such brain waves are often associated with states of deep relaxation and peacefulness during meditation: they are the waves of meditation). Therefore, during theta sleep stage, we enter in a way a much more intense state of meditation where our subconscious is capable to perceive more clearly things, create a telepathic communication or receive a message (from passed or living persons).

In conclusion, doing psychic work without being aware of these things can be dangerous. Knowing how to protect yourself by establishing cleansing rituals is essential. Make it an habit. Prioritize cleaning your inner & outer space and guard your own aura / energy at all times, particularly before bed time (or at later/darker hours of the day). Learn to consciously and intentionally switch off completely after the work and you will be safe.

I shall also add, that consciously fearing these kind of experiences, will not put anyone in a good position either.

**You shall not fear**.- ***Fear Not at all***.

Otherwise, you are likely to draw the unwanted experience.

Know that your source IS light and that you ARE light. 

Your essence is made from light (source) energy and your awareness and willingness to connect with It, is enough to keep you guarded. Become aware of your light within and remind yourself Gandhi’s words:

“In the midst of death life persists, in the midst of untruth truth persists, in the midst of darkness light persists. Hence I gather that God is Life, Truth, Light. He is Love. He is the Supreme Good.”

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