Why (many) Reiki practitioners get average results

why reiki don't get results
Getting certified as a reiki practitioner its easy. Very easy in reality. Offers are abundant as the popularity of Reiki has increased tremulously in the last few years. Anyone who has an interest in spirituality comes across at some point to Reiki and quite naturally wants to explore its intention. It’s potential it indeed powerful. So powerful in fact, that it can literally generate miraculous recoveries.

My personal experience with Reiki has been extraordinary. It is one of the post powerful healing sources I know out there and the first thing I use (for me and my clients) when faced with illness, accidents, viral infections or physical pain.
Reiki is a healing energy accessible to every single one.

Anyone can learn it and anyone can deliver it. Beautifully. Successfully. Miraculously.

However in practice this is often not the case. Beginners, who recently received their certificate- but not only them- experience often average results with patients although no results at all its hardly possible.

There is always ‘something’ happening with the right intention and a clear heart. And most practitioners have this essential foundation.

Nevertheless, an effective result with Reiki means a drastic change. A significant energetic shift. A clear improvement if not complete disappearance of the presenting problem after the 3rd or 4th session (even after the first one but this is depended on the practitioner’s and client’s variables/presentation).
There are five main reasons why reiki practitioners don’t get drastic results. I will briefly address them below:


1. They haven’t done a full Inner cleansing.

By inner cleansing I don’t mean going through a detox. I mean cleansing your four scared dimensions: the Spiritual, the Emotional, the Physical, and the Mental dimension, cleansing all of them is of high importance in order to allow the Sacred Energy flow smoothly & powerfully through your body and to your client’s body as the end receiver.
This certainly comes with spiritual development, personal growth and self-healing with regular reiki sessions. But without effectively clearing these areas, a practitioner will only limit the impact of reiki on the receiver.


2. They cannot diagnose Energetically or Intuitively others

Effective reiki healers Feel or Know where the problems are without having to talk to their patient or ask them about the reasons they are attending reiki healing. They know or feel the energy blocks when seeing a person and/or feeling their auric field at the beginning of the session.
My Hands for example become sensitive radars to changes of energy and can detect too cold or too hot spots on a body as I scan across it.
Claircognizant people (who ‘know’ intuitively things) just know the problem without having to do this manual energetic scan. Some others see it and others can even hear it. It doesn’t matter how they receive the information, what matters is that they know sufficiently their bodies and/or cleansed them enough to intercept outside input clearly.


3. They are inexperienced or irregular meditators

Meditation is vital.
Is in reality the most important skill you should first focus on.
If you have not learned to observe yourself and how your overactive mind generates emotional states and ending behaviours or unconstructive habits, you will create blocks in the Energy Flow.
Meditation means quieting the mind, feeling your body and becoming aware of what is going on. In doing so, when you call the Energy Source, you literally feel its warm flow coming through your crown or feet and passing through your hands.
If you are not used to mediate how are you supposed to feel the energy passing through? How can you feel the energy shifts or blocks on someone’s body? You simply cannot.
Therefore Reiki requires mediation and keeps your concentration on the flow while helping it going.

4. Don’t work Reiki on themselves

This cannot be skipped. Every day one must start with themselves and then be available for others. Way too many jump to practice on others while doing very little work on themselves or not at all.
I have met many students who jump to Level 2 without doing the self-practice required after level 1. For the reasons already mentioned above this point makes perfect sense. So always put your own practice first and ‘worry’ about other AFTER.
Always and no matter what.

Like a surgeon who washes its instruments before an operation, you must wash your body energetically before using it at work.

5. They don’t (really) understand

In order to see tangible results with your Reiki practice you must understand it on several levels, not only on the cognitive level. You must understand it spiritually, through a spiritual development path- which can be quite long & challenging-, emotionally and physically, through your own practice and emotional reiki healing.
This joins of course the above points but it also suggests an intimate relationship with Reiki, the Energy Source and the Spiritual realm as a whole. It points towards a deep and brave encounter with your own shadows, your heart’s sorrows and the reality of ‘other realms’, their operating mode and their high code of ethics and integrity.
In conclusion, to generate significant results with Reiki one must walk a fair bit in their live and within themselves. Those who get exceptional results know every well their own body, have managed to preserve it, respect it and cleanse it and use it mindfully. They have learned to breathe deeply and slowly in their hara, and developed their 6th sense (or the belly-thinking) by controlling the mental thinking or the crazy monkey, alas their egoic voice (concept elaborated in my book “Freedom Paths: Unlock the doors to True Self, Emotional Healing, Lasting Relationships and Universal Love“).

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